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Clinical site for India's leading mind practitioner Shyam Bhat

Vashishth Techologies

Simplyfying businesses through web and mobile application


Hassle-free web app to manage the patient consultation

Majestic CRP

One app solution that meets all the business needs

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UX UI Design

Enhancing user satisfaction for a product is very important. UX UI brings an emotional state and helps users to navigate via visual language.

Web development

Design can look perfect on the mockup, but to make it look the same across all most popular browsers and devices we have skilled front-end ninjas.

Mobile app development

Have the next big idea for the mobile app? iOS or Android, we love them both the same. Yes, it’s a secret team of experts we got. Pssst...

Digital marketing

We create the strong message that is delivered to consumers via brand identity, visual style and digital profiles. Simple, contextual and recognizable.

Graphics & Illustration

Is an integral part of almost every project. It’s widely touches the creative process, from UI design animation, and visual objects. And it’s fun.


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