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We want to connect, discover new insights and create things that are measurable. Little crashes, long retention time, high conversions - and pages that Google likes.


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UXBox is a Coimbatore-based design studio, specialized in experience & interface design / development. We help enterprises approach things from the needs of the user and turn complex processes into simple and consumer relatable solutions.

Established in 2016, UXBox is led by its two founding partners — Niranjan Kumar and Charen Chitti. It was built to be different. An alternative to large agencies. A chance to strip away the bureaucracy and overhead that usually comes with it. We feel that the people who do the work, are the ones who should talk to the client directly. This keeps our process agile and collaborative.


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"We foster a culture of creativity and innovation to produce awesome digital products.

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Charen Koneti

Founder/ Design Head

Niranjan Kumar

Founder/ Technolgy Director

Divya Jennifer

Digital Curator


Lead UI Developer