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UX UI, Front-end, Web app


Dermatech an web app that helps doctors manage their patient consultations in a hassle-free manner. The product was developed and implemented by Oldbath media private limited for various clinics and hospitals worldwide.




UX UI, Front-end, Web app


When the client approached us, they were already having a version of the web application running in various hospitals and being used by number of doctors worldwide. The point was made that the web app must be given a new look and feel without affecting the already existing user flow model and functionalities.

After boiling down a long list of requirements and expectations derived from the already existing user groups and customer reviews, we ended up with an array of features that find useful in a doctor's day-to-day activity. Immediately, there were so many practical use cases for a designer to work on and upto 5 prototytpes was developed at large.



Together with their core team, we developed a design language that borrowed strong elements from the known and user aware structure of previous version to create a distinguished appearance that works much to the same way their older version does but with a beautiful design touch.

For the companion to the web app, we developed an easy to follow onboarding process. Something as systematic as allocating the time slots and consultations turned into a fun 15 second experience. This made the many functions of the web app feel like a breeze.

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By now, it was more about tuning the design language already in place across the app economy, than reinventing the dial. Their new web application was launched in their various customer hubs. The customer alias doctors would quickly get hang of the new look without losing their previous process flow they were used to.