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Majestic CRP

UX UI, Graphics, Mobile app


Majestic CRP is the brain child of one of our client, Vashishth Technolgies, the adaptable mobile platorm that helps the businesses with their overall capacity requirement planning.


Majestic CRP


UX UI, Graphics, Mobile app


Its quite usual that our clients come-up with new requirement to our table, Vashishth Technologies returned to us with the idea of developing a CRP mobile application as part of their major product. We were meet with the developers and strategist of main product, labeling the requirement and enlightened us with their product architectural flow.

From the start we wanted to be sure to create a datafront that has as many data as possible, but not make user feel bombarded at the same time. And also one that is versatile and universal alike was bit of a challenge. So with every new data and bits requested and released from the server, the app was equipped to delivers a different information experience. Just like the product.



After a vast exploration and prototyping phase we ended up with a perfect blend of the productive, informative and beautiful representation that all live under the Majestic CRP brand. We put their architectural flow and our UI design into the spotlight. Overwhelming data took a backseat, while subtle animations and on-request data highlights in appealing taupe, stepped up the product presentation.

App Screens


After the product were developed and went through multiple stages of user testing and improving the architecture to allow ultra high accuracy in data imagery with swiftest loading times, we put our work to the test by launching the app in various UI UX test environments. As with everything, we kept improving the UX here and there to serve the best possible experience to their customers.