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UX UI, Front-end dev


Seraniti was founded in March 2016 with the idea of creating a holistic platform developed by leading psychiatrist Dr. Shyam Bhat, India's leading mind-health practitioner. They provide Integral Self Therapy (IST), evidence based non-dual, transpersonal, integrated psychotherapeutic method to relieve stress, treat depression and anxiety and to achieve psychological insight.




UX UI, Front-end dev



Our task was to revamp their already existing website which had information scattered all over the site with a loss in primary focus point. Our first step was to discover a singular objective and organize the things that focus more on the information that user would need rather than just broadcasting on showing all the information.



Our job as a design studio is always to turn complex things into simple, bite-size chunks that everyone can understand. In this case added complexity came through a lot of features and information that people who are or who has someone suffering from the problems that never heard of—let alone or experienced before. And the name alone won't teach the full service offered behind it.

Hence we took a more user centric approach in designing the website that is both psychologically appealing and informative without exaggerating/ elevating the emotions and mood swings. We came up with a template that showcased the website to elevate compassion, empathy, and centred on helping the user/ patients achieve authentic health and happiness at the very first look.

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In the end it was great working so closely with the such professionals from the start, and being able to touch so many different psychological aspects, to creating the global website and finally launching it gave us many insights and sharpened our eye in more ways than words explain.

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