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Vashishth Technologies

UX UI, Front-end, CMS


Vashishth is a tech startup company with roots from Mumbai, India and a prominent software development startup that provides custom web and mobile application development services. They implement the latest mobile, web and cloud computing technologies and incorporate the latest design and UI/UX elements to make the end product truly stand out.


Vashishth Technologies


UX UI, Front-end, CMS


As the startup was brand new, we collaborated with their core team in conceptualizing the strategies to deliver a bold, engaging & friendly new face to their brand. We went back a few clicks and looked at the startup from a bird's eye perspective. We left everything that was created so far behind and defined the core funnel for the app. Something that’s easy to optimize against once we collect proper usage data. It was important to test and verify assumptions quickly, so we built high fidelity wireframes and used InVision to turn them into prototypes. This allowed us to run user tests within days instead of weeks and to do edits and tweaks on the fly.



Key design elements included vibrant colour transitions on scroll & hand-drawn, animations and SVG illustrations. Our responsive code was integrated with the flexible & user friendly CMS to deliver a memorable digital experience. We came up with the complete set of individual design components for implementing the vision of unified design. Fonts, color palette, story cards, widgets and UI elements, each of them were created in a way to provide users with the stunning experience.

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Features page

Features page


Within just a few months we built the website and put together an exciting roadmap for the next phases of development to come. Our team left them with all the tools and features in place to expand the site with ease. We can’t wait to see where the Vashishth team takes this and are happy to have been part of the journey.

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